The 30 Clean: Day 12

The 30 Clean: Day 12

Started today feeling goooood!

I woke up, without an alarm clock, an HOUR before I need to be awake!  And it wasn’t that drowsy, some-noise-woke-me, need-to-go-back-to-sleep feeling.  I was up!

That hasn’t happened more than three times (excluding Christmas morning) in my adult life.  Probably my whole life.

So what did I eat today?

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The 30 Clean: Day 11

The 30 Clean: Day 11

I started off today in a funk!  I felt like I was making all these changes and getting not much in return.

I was being a total idiot, but some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

The thing that snapped me out of being such a pill was moving around.  I vented to one of my fellow-challengers (I am telling you, the social aspect of The 30 Clean is the BEST part!) and she suggested I just download the 7-minute workout app and do that.  Even just doing it once is better than nothing!

And I did it!  And it was a kind of tough and I definitely felt better afterwards!

The other thing I am noticing is that I am eating slightly less and able to go longer between meals.  Which is great!  11 days ago I was needing lunch about noon, now it is pushed to 1-2pm.  Which means I can eat a smaller dinner because I am not ravenous.  Also, makes me much less likely to crave a glass of wine because I am still satiated from lunch.

On to the food:

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The 30 Clean: Day Nine

The 30 Clean: Day Nine

I am so happy to be back to my routine!  It is fantastic having visitors, but being able to refocus on clean eating is so calming.

We haven’t gone grocery shopping since last week (our visitors left yesterday), so today has been an exercise in scrounging through the refrigerator.  And there have been some pleasant surprises!

But first, I want to talk about the benefits I have noticed since starting this challenge:

1.) I am sleeping so well at night!  And I am the worst sleeper ever.

2.) My energy level is much more consistent throughout the day.

3.) My eyes are so much less puffy!  This has been my favorite benefit so far!

Food choices are becoming a bit more automatic too.

Ok – on to my meals!

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The 30 Clean: Day Four

Today is my fourth day.  It was a doozy.

I have been tired and super crabby and HUNGRY all day long.  It hasn’t mattered what I have eaten, I am still hungry.

I know this happens every time I start a new regime.  And it sucks every time too.

Making this worse is the fact that we have visitors over the weekend, so we went grocery shopping tonight for provisions.  And because I can’t force everyone to eat like I am, we bought all sorts of delicious things that are off-limits to me.  I am talking brie, s’mores fixings, bagels.  Any my husband is, right now, sitting next to me eating ice cream.

Today is not my favorite day.

So, lets keep this brief… on to the food!

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The 30 Clean: Day Three

I was so tired waking up today.  Just dragging.  But it is day 3 of changing my eating, so that is to be expected.

But it seems that making good food choices is leading to me making other good life choices.  I have been getting up earlier, being more active, tidying up around my house more, watching less TV.

Which brings me to working out.  Not my favorite thing.  When I was living in San Francisco I had a great trainer!  He pushed me hard, but my eating wasn’t great, so while I was strong, I wasn’t as slim as I wanted.  Eating is definitely the key for me.  But to be healthy, you have to MOVE!

Part of The 30 Clean is adding activity.  There is a daily plank challenge and many of the participants practice The Dailey Method and work out (hard) daily.  It is inspiring.

I need to sneak in quick workouts throughout the day.  The idea of hitting the gym for 45-60 minutes at a time is totally unappealing to me.  We have a TRX system and a cable machine in our basement and I have been doing 10-15 minute circuits a few times a day on that, but it isn’t getting my heart rate up to where I want it.  Today, I decided to try a Tabata workout.  For those of you unfamiliar, they are short, intense workouts (think High Intensity Interval Training), working for 20 seconds and resting for 10, doing 8 sets of the 20/10 movement.  I found a full-body Tabata workout online (here you are) that had four groups (cardio, upper body, lower body, core) of these eight sets.  Basically it becomes a 16 minute workout (although mine was 19 because I rested a full minute between each “group”).

It. was. tough.

My heart rate was up, I was sweaty, my muscles were shaking.  Oooof.  But I feel good now (a few hours after) and am SO happy I did it.  It will be something I incorporate regularly, because let’s be honest – I can always find 16 minutes during my day.

Ok – on to my meals!

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The 30 Clean: Day Two

Still not really having a hard time following the eating guidelines on The 30 Clean, which is great!

(“still…..?” you think as it has been only 48 hours)

The hardest time for me is between about 4pm and 7pm, usually that is when I would pour a glass of wine or stir up a martini and sit outside with my husband, chatting about our days.  That little pleasure is one of my favorites and I think it holds extra importance to me since I work from home.  Having a glass of wine is a signal that my day is done.  I know I’ll find another little ritual to replace it.

Interested in what I ate today?  Keep reading!

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Everyday Vinaigrette – quick and delicious

It is so easy to make your own salad dressing.  And just as tasty.  And then you know exactly what you are eating.  Store-bought dressings can be really sneaky, with added sugar, lots of salt, etc.

So, no excuses.  Whip this up, pop it in your fridge and use it for up to a week!

A quick and delicious vinaigrette to whip up and keep on hand.


  • Three tablespoon vinegar (I have used both white and apple cider, red, balsamic or champagne would also be delicious)
  • One scant tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • One or two garlic cloves, depending on preference
  • Two teaspoons minced red onion or shallot (don’t use the jarred stuff)
  • Half teaspoon of dried tarragon (substitute another herb if you don’t like tarragon)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Three-quarters of a cup of high-quality olive oil (in this recipe you can definitely taste the difference)

Combine all ingredients in an air-tight jar.  Shake to combine.

The dressing may separate in your refrigerator, just shake to recombine.

The 30 Clean: Day One

I didn’t sleep well last night and I think it was due to my thoughts racing about this clean-eating challenge.  My nerves come out after dark it seems.

But despite those nerves, things have started out well!

I was bummed after weighing myself this morning but then realized I am on the right track.  Even just committing to 30 days of totally clean eating is a bigger step than I have made in a long time!

I was intimidated to post a photo of my breakfast in the Facebook group (in general I don’t love food photos and scrambled eggs never look beautiful), but once I did my fellow-challengers were totally supportive and positive!  I wasn’t sure I would like the Facebook aspect of the challenge when I first signed up but I get it now!  It keeps me focused and inspired.

Part of The 30 Clean are daily challenges not related to food.  And today’s was to post your mantra.  I have many mantras for the many aspects of my life.  But the one I chose to share is something I have been thinking about a lot recently.

A mantra to live by

I really lack in the self-discipline department.  When I was signing up for this challenge, I realized it was more about self-discipline for me that learning to eat in a healthy way.  I know how to eat in a healthy way.  But for the last few years I have been choosing the chips and dip rather than feeling healthy.  I have to stop choosing the chips and have to start choosing a healthy future.

On to what I ate….

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